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Energy meets clarity.

Daniel B. Werner​

“Leadership starts with trust! If your leadership is trust-centric it will engage your people, leading to increased productivity and higher profits.”

In addition to a successful career as a competitive athlete, Daniel has worked for global players including BMW, Deloitte, and Amazon, leading teams in a variety of industries on three continents. Born in 1980, during the period of transition between generation X and generation Y, Daniel’s approach incorporates his first-hand experience of the challenges of intergenerational conflicts in the digital age. Daniel is an entrepreneur, consultant, business coach, and digital native. He is first and foremost a person for whom clarity has top priority. Clear thinking facilitates clear communication and leads to clear actions.

Jan Brecke

“Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.” (stolen with pride from S. Sandberg)

With 15 years of global leadership experience in companies such as GE, Beiersdorf, UBS and Daimler, Jan combines an intricate knowledge of modern organisational needs with a pragmatic approach to results. He coaches executives and corporates through their transformational journeys. Visit Jan on LinkedIn and on his website or check out his TEDx talk on the topic “Dare to lead the future”.

Experience meets deep dive.

Founder meets powerwoman.

Sabine Anna Engel

“For me, only an empathetic and appreciative leadership full of trust and freedom results in a win-win-situation of best results as well as happy employees.”

As founder and CEO of Munich based www.miomente.de, Sabine embodies her unique style leading a successful start-up in the ultra-competitive gift certificate market. Visit Sabine on her company’s website.

Ramón Estrada Torrescano

“True leadership starts when your uniqueness becomes the hero in the journey towards your life’s purpose.”

Copilot of leaders on their journey to integrate their authentic self with purpose and passionate execution. Professional with more than 17 years of experience as an executive coach, entrepreneur, consultant, and manager. Visit Ramon on LinkedIn and on his website.

Südländische Leidenschaft trifft Umsetzung.

Corporate world meets empathy.

Jan Korves

“The most important ingredients for creating a winning team are expertise, empathy, and honesty. If all of these are in the mix, balanced by attention to your teams’ needs, your team will play in the Champions League.”

The IT guy at heart with 7+ years of management consulting experience in the Technology and Outsourcing Advisory practice at Deloitte Consulting, two of these Down Under. Today, Jan leads winning teams in the online retail industry, in one of the most competitive markets in the world. Visit Jan on LinkedIn.

Karin Mair

“If you expect employees to trust in your leadership, then your words and actions must align.”

With a broad field of experience from the construction industry to the fashion world, Karin enjoys shaping digital strategies and leading teams to success in several companies including the top brands Shinola and Fossil. Visit Karin on LinkedIn.

Motivation meets style.