Season 1 – The Leadership Essentials


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Maximum flexibility for your employees. Learning is possible where and when your employees want to.

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Significantly lower costs compared to conventional training formats.


Unlimited availability for you and your team.


All content is available on-demand and serves as an excellent source for repetition and as a sustainable source of knowledge when it comes to implementation.

Are you missing leadership skills and trust in your company? No matter if you are the CEO, leading the HR function or even just looking to improve your team’s current job performance. The answer is, you are not alone, and we can help you to progress.

Ever wondered why the best teams have such a great performance? No matter if it is sports or professional teams? Well, the answer is simple. They have great leaders that invest in their “players” – rigorously and continuously. Not just money but also time, dedication and appreciation. The outcome is: HIGH-QUALITY TEAMS in a trust-centric, engaging culture. That’s what differentiates companies in today’s world!

We know, how hard it is to get the budget for sending your people to leadership training. For example, in situations where your company is growing rapidly, and leadership skills are key to survive. Often, the result is, that either your positions stay open or the leaders on the jobs are not able to cope with the responsibilities.

In the past, to us that sounded like holding the brake and pushing the throttle at the same time. Does that make sense in today’s fast-paced, VUCA environment? We definitely don’t think so, do you?

That’s why we at Catch Up With The Best create the accessibility to exclusive leadership skills that push your team to the next level of performance. The only thing you need is to free up your people’s time for 3.5 hours, keep your budget as it is, and we ensure that 10x more people get the exclusive training than today – all at the same invest.

To us, this offer even sounds like your boss will like it and appreciate you bringing it on the table.

From our experience, the rest is on us and our program: your people will become the next A-Team and your productivity will start to scale!

Feel free to contact us now to help you build your individual corporate program, including face-to-face coachings, workshops and FAQ sessions for your team!

Mit Catch Up With The Best:

  • Erhalten Sie Zugang zu exklusiven Führungsqualitäten, die Ihr Team auf die nächste Leistungsstufe bringt.
  • Das einzige, was Sie brauchen ist die Zeit Ihrer Leute für ca. 3,5 Stunden freizuräumen.
  • Sie können Ihr Budget so belassen wie es ist.
  • Wir stellen sicher, dass 10x mehr Menschen unsere exklusiven Trainings erhalten.
  • Für uns klingt dieses Angebot sogar so gut, dass wir aus Erfahrung sagen können dass sogar Ihr Chef es mögen könnte!
Unser klares Ziel ist es, Ihre Mitarbeiter zum nächsten A-Team weiterzuentwickeln und Ihre Produktivität zu steigern!

Bitte zögern Sie nicht uns zu kontaktieren, um Ihnen zu helfen Ihr individuelles Unternehmensprogramm zu erstellen, einschließlich persönlicher Coachings, Workshops und FAQ-Sitzungen für Ihr Team!

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  • Videos
  • Download Materials
  • Exams
  • Recommended Training Plan (PDF)
  • Certificate (Linkedin)
  • Kick off Guide (PDF)
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