Catch Up With The Best provides top-level online learning experiences for professional business users.

Catch Up With The Best is dedicated to delivering the highest possible quality in terms of content and production values. We aim for innovative and entertaining formats.

The company is based in Munich, Germany and was founded in 2017. The pilot season is Leadership Essentials by Catch Up With The Best.

What is Catch Up With The Best?

Catch Up With The Best is a unique online learning platform that offers courses for professional business users.

Catch Up With The Best is about the learnings and experiences to which usually only top-level executives have access.

We are passionate about 3 things:

  • Consolidating the highest quality in learning content available.
  • Delivering the most innovative and edutaining format on the market.
  • Providing quality visuals that eclipse anything else currently available on the market

Why do I need this?

You will catch up with the latest and most effective strategies as a leader in less time and with far greater flexibility than in equivalent face-to-face courses/offerings.

  • You will engage with/have access to a group of trust-centric leaders who use their heads AND their hearts to develop their people for success.
  • You will receive 3.5 hours of high-quality, edutaining content – available anytime, anywhere and as often as you want!
  • You will have access to the first row for gaining exclusive insights from our successful business leaders and their real-life experiences.
  • All of this for less than 10% of the usual investment in leadership training and with lifetime access.

Why should you trust us?

We are passionate about trust-centric leadership and developing exceptional trusted leaders.

  • We aim to positively impact the quality of contemporary leadership.
  • We believe that everyone who wants to learn leadership skills should have affordable access to training, information and peer knowledge exchange to get there.
  • We are dedicated to finding, curating and delivering the best available strategies to help you become a trust-centric leader.